Something to grip onto with these climbing holds

Climbing holds are the grips which are attached to a climbing wall to give climbers something to grip and step on. Climbing holds come in a range of different sizes, grip styles, and shapes to make the hold more or less challenging for the climber on a particular route. Holds are usually bolted to a wall with a hex-head bolt and are made out of materials such as polyurethane and fibreglass. Discover high quality climbing equipment and step your climbing game up a notch.

Different types of climbing holds

The types of holds vary from jugs to mini-jugs, slopers, pockets, pinches, and crimps. This wide variety of holds allow the climber to be challenged by different angles, widths, and distances when tackling their route. These holds also come in a range of colours to be able to help you differentiate the difficulty of the route for the climber.

It doesn't matter if you are a route setter or building a wall for yourself, you will always need climbing holds to populate your walls and create routes for yourself and future climbers.

If you want your children to give climbing a go then you will find a range of climbing holds purposefully designed for them. These kids climbing holds differ as they're made easier to grip onto, not only that they are designed for residential use and for walls no higher than 6 feet high. This is a fantastic excuse to get the kids to drop their tablet and get outdoors into the garden to have some fun.

Discover the perfect set of climbing holds for you, whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro. Discover single units, multipacks, and different colours and designs to create a truly customised climbing wall and pair with your climbing harness to get the best out of every climb. With such a vast selection to be found here on eBay, you can be sure to find a hold which helps add to your wall to make it even more fun, stimulating, and challenging.