Climbing Ropes, Cords, and Slings

If you love hiking and climbing, then you know ropes and cords are an important part of your climbing gear. To keep yourself safe and to enjoy your adventure without worry, add the necessary gear to your rock climbing equipment in order to maximise fun and minimise danger.

Climbing Ropes

Made of thick, durable material, climbing ropes offer a variety of options for rock climbing. Choosing the right ropes depends on many factors, including your weight, what type of climbing you're doing and which features are important to you. Dynamic ropes stretch, while static ropes don't. Single ropes are the most common, while double ropes are specialised and used for multi-pitch climbing. Choose a dry-treated rope for weather protection, and pay attention to rope length.

Climbing Cords

Cords aren't the same as ropes. You can use cords, which usually come in smaller sections than ropes, to put together a custom sling, tie knots and reach higher areas if you need a bit of extra help. Cords are versatile and come in many lengths and materials, and you can use them in conjunction with carabiners to create cordelettes, for everything from crafting a climbing anchor to creating a chain.

Climbing Slings

Use a sling as a safety anchor, for tying pitons or for crafting draws. These handy webbed loops eliminate rope drag and come in single and double-length options. They're available in short and long lengths to meet your needs, and you can connect them as you desire using carabiners or other accessories. Climbers also refer to them as runners. Additionally, you can use slings to loop around rocks for traction. Purchase the slings in the lengths and designs that you desire to maximise your experience. Be aware that some are lightweight and made of nylon, while others are thicker and more durable.

Rock Climbing Gear

After you purchase slings, cords, and other rock climbing gear, you'll need to add other necessary supplies to your stash of sporting goods. Consider a rock climbing harness, which ensures safety as you scale tall mountains, or a bag to carry your water and snacks along on your journey. Climbing requires specific shoes to provide you with the right support, along with other climbing equipment, such as climbing chalk, ascenders and lightweight water bottles.