Climbing shoes for happy adventurous feet

Having properly fitted footwear is important on a day-to-day basis, and absolutely essential when you're scaling a rock wall or huge mountain. Your shoes determine your level of comfort, foot health, and consequently, your climbing performance and how much fun you have while pushing your limits.

On eBay, you can find a range of boots, from low ankle shoes to military style boots, alongside an array of other climbing equipment. Buy from a range of brands such as Scarpa, La Sportiva, and Vibram.

Rock climbing shoes

Climbing shoes can be categorised as neutral, moderate, or aggressive. Neutral shoes are flat, comfortable to wear, and can slot easily between cracks. Moderate designs have a slightly downward pointing shape, or camber, which puts your foot in a stronger position for more technical climbing. Aggressive designs are for advanced climbers and have more camber than moderate designs. They are typically thinner, and offer more sensitivity to rock surfaces. As a result, they are much more uncomfortable to wear than more neutral or moderate designs.

Rock climbing shoes are available with Velcro or laces. Some are unisex, and others are designed specifically for men or women. The Scarpa velocity women's leather rock climbing shoes are available in a beautiful sky blue colour.


On eBay you can find accessories for your footwear which help you rise to the challenge of tough weather conditions. Choose from a huge range of anti-slip snow spikes, or crampons. Crampons grip onto your shoes and improve traction when you're scaling a snowy slope, and vary in the size of their teeth, style, and gripping capacity.

TSL Gaiters make an awesome addition to your outdoorsy collection, as they keep the snow from falling into your shoes, and protect your lower legs from scratchy thorns and tussocks during hikes.

Ideal for any hard-working shoes, Boot Bananas freshen up your footwear. Place them inside your shoes overnight, and the naturally absorbent salts will take up any moisture. Step into fresh boots in the morning, thanks to the plant extracts with lavender, lemon, patchouli, and tea-tree essential oils.