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Clinique Skin Care Moisturisers

Why Moisturise Anyway?

Is moisturising really necessary? Are all those skin care lotions and potions really worth the money? Well, as anyone who pays attention to the ads would know, moisturising is actually very important. Moisturiser can help skin stay hydrated, locking away moisture and providing a protective barrier against the elements. Convinced? Here are some other good reasons to stick moisturiser on the To Buy list.

Wrinkles. While they may show character, no one really wants a forehead like Gordon Ramsay. Luckily, moisturiser can help. Going without moisturiser can result in dehydrated skin, making wrinkles look more prominent. Not wearing moisturiser can also lead to deeper wrinkles later on. Without moisture, the skin barrier is compromised, leading to inflammation, which, over time can lead to a breakdown of collagen and accelerated aging.

If acne is more of a problem than wrinkles, it can often be tempting to skip the moisturiser. However, the dryness that results from going without moisturiser can actually make acne worse. Just be sure to choose a moisturiser that’s oil-free and fragrance-free. As for the everyday reasons to wear moisturiser, remember, moisturiser can help hydrate the skin – so important in winter, when humidity levels drop – while forming a barrier that can help to create a better base for makeup.

Buying Skin Care Moisturisers

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