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Closed-Circuit Cameras

Closed-circuit cameras form part of a closed-circuit television system (CCTV). A CCTV is a television monitoring system where the signals are not broadcast to the public. They are used for security for business and personal reasons. When you own a home, run a grocery store or manage a hotel, your security is paramount. Therefore it makes sense that more and more people are opting to purchase closed-circuit surveillance cameras to protect their homes, offices and other personal property.

Recording Options

Many of the modern closed-circuit cameras have a wide range of recording options. Cameras can be set to continuous recording, time scheduled recording or operate with motion detectors. Alerts can even be sent via email to let you know that something has triggered the camera for extra protection. This facility gives many purchasers peace of mind when it comes to selecting their business and home CCTV systems. This is a great feature for those homeowners who are on holiday and concerned about the safety of their valuables.

Secure Viewing

In order to be effective, CCTV makes use of well-placed cameras coupled with close monitoring of the system. The closed-circuit designation describes cameras that send their signal to specific monitors and video recorders across a private network. Access is limited to only those authorised to see it. Remote viewing is also possible with some models on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Expanded Coverage

Early CCTV systems used small, low-resolution monochrome monitors, whereas today’s closed-circuit cameras can produce high-resolution, colour video with the ability track someone or something in its field of view. Many feature a wide-angled lens and built in microphone as well as infrared LEDs for viewing in all light and weather conditions.

Weather Resistant

Home security systems offer much flexibility for those concerned about their safety. They can be placed in outdoor and indoor locations. For this reason CCTVs need to be weather-resistant or weatherproof. Come rain or shine, the cameras are able to capture all the action without interruption. As many of today’s CCTV camera brands have no complicated cabling, they can be mounted wherever they are needed.

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