Clothes Rack

Clothes racks for shop displays

Make your items stand out by arranging them on stylish clothing racks. Whether youre looking to replace or upgrade your existing shop displays and racking, you can find the perfect rack to suit the size of your shop. Clothing racks are designed to display fashionable items and accessories to customers and make them easily shoppable.

You can find racks in a range of sizes and styles, including traditional stands and hanging rails, as well as waterfall arms and wall mounted displays. Each design offers an interesting point of difference to help you display your merchandise. Racks can also be used in the home for storage or used to dry or transport your clothes.

Retail and shop displays

Clothes racks are commonly used in fashion stores and give sellers the chance to display their stock effectively to customers. Popular retail displays include traditional 4-way clothing stands, spiral clothing racks, and wall mounted displays. Customers can, therefore, access clothes easily, and view the clothing and sizes available to them. This helps them to make a choice when shopping for the latest trends. You can find a range of shop display racks including strong and sturdy options to hold multiple items with ease.

Shop rack designs

There is a wide selection of clothing rack designs to choose from which suit a range of store decor and themes. You can find traditional steel and chrome styles, ideal for contemporary shops and trend based fashion, as well as traditional racks in black and grey. There is also a selection of racks which offer interesting displays such as metal ring wall mounts and waterfall racks. You can also experiment with spacing and arrangements with shop display hangers.

Bulk deals

For business owners looking to display items in large quantities, there is a selection of clothes racks which offer both individual and multipack options. Racks such as waterfall garment hangers and standard straight wall mounts often come in multiples and can be easily affixed to your original shop slat walls. You can also find racks to fit directly onto shop display stands.