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Have you ever experienced hair envy? You know that feeling - the one that bubbles up when you spy someone rocking a truly awesome hairstyle. Well you can make it a thing of the past and say goodbye to bad hair days for good with some professional Cloud Nine hair care styling products from eBay.. 

Whether you're all about dead-straight locks or are keen to give curls a whirl, Cloud Nine hair curling and straightening irons provide the help you need to try out a range of 'dos without visiting the hairdresser. Their multi-award winning products have a cult following for a reason: they deliver sophisticated, salon-quality results for all types of hair. Short hair, long hair, thick hair, thin hair; don't care! Cloud Nine's temperature-controlled, mineral-coated ceramic irons will work with whatever you're working with. 

Storing your irons 

Cloud Nine irons are state-of-the-art and have a number of delicate features that need to be treated as carefully as you treat your locks. To ensure you enjoy incredible results with your Cloud Nine irons for many years, remember to always switch off your irons after use. Do not let styling plates come into contact with any heat-sensitive materials or surfaces unless they are fully cooled to room temp, and keep the main power cord away from the plates, too. It's also best to avoid wrapping the power cord tightly around the irons; a loose coil avoids putting pressure on the electrical connections. 

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