Hit The Sports Field With The Best Referee Gear

While sport came first, it wasn't long before coaches and referees followed. After all, even playground antics require someone to interpret the rules and ensure all parties follow them. The same can be said for a good coach, someone who knows the ins and outs of a game well enough to create tactics to elevate the team to the top! These days, there isn't a sport without coaches and referees which is why gear is necessary. With eBay, you’ll find all the gear you need as a ref, no matter what sport you’re into.

Where did referees come from?

While sports have been around since civilisation, coaches weren't an official inclusion until the 1860s. It makes sense, of course, you can't be a coach without a vast knowledge of the game and you can't get that without first playing or observing the game as it's played. Coaches need a tactical mind, strong communication skills, and a passion for both people and the sport they're involved in. Winning takes work and players need to be motivated to make that happen, which is where coaches come good.

In soccer, team captains used to come together to decide how disputes were resolved. This evolved into teams bringing their own umpires to serve in their stead and eventually, a referee was brought in as a neutral party. The umpires would refer it to the referee if they could not agree. The first referee took the pitch in 1891.

Buying your referee equipment online

Like referees, coaches can make or break games and that means having the right equipment and gear to get the job done. Browse all the latest referee gear for soccer, rugby, boxing, hockey, and more. Get yourself a whistle to capture even the loudest crowd's attention or a bright shirt to help make you easy to spot. If you’re needing some extra authority you can also pick up some red or yellow cards to make sure players follow instructions.