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Coach Women's Wallets

Coach Womens Wallet

Coach wallets for women are available in multiple styles, patterns, colours and convenience features. Women look for different features in a wallet. Size, material and closure are the features that most influence the buying decision when shopping for a wallet.

What style wallets are available by Coach?

Coach produces a style of wallet to meet the needs of traditional and contemporary women. Small, medium and large versions are available in leather and fabric materials. Available styles include Coach clutch, Coach bifold wallets and many others. A small wallet is convenient to drop inside a handbag, laptop bag, book bag or briefcase. Some wallets are carried without a handbag. A large or convertible style works perfect as a stand-alone option. Tech wallets are popular and convenient. Most tech wallets are designed with an extra space for the phone. These are available in crossbody, crossbody clutch and wristlet styles. Features will vary according to style selection. Here are a few of the most common features of Coach wallets.

  • Card slots
  • Bill compartments
  • Coin slot
  • ID window
  • Phone holder
  • Snap/zip closure

How to tell the difference between a counterfeit and authentic Coach?

Coach products are extremely popular. There are many imitations available. It can be challenging to identify a counterfeit from the genuine product. Key indicators will be found in the quality and unique details of the item. Here are a few signature features that indicate an authentic Coach wristlet or handbag.

  • Inside fabric embossed with multiple "Cs".
  • Some collections feature the name, "Coach" in all caps.
  • Some collections feature the logo with a horse-driven stagecoach carrying a man with a whip.

How to clean your Coach wallet?

Coach wallets are made from a combination of quality leather and other delicate materials. Proper cleaning will help preserve the beauty and quality of the product. Coach leather wallets can be cleaned with leather cleaner and moisturizer. Jacquard, the signature Coach fabric can be restored with a quality fabric cleaner. A signature Coach fabric cleaner is available to clean the jacquard fabric. Here are a few tips for cleaning your Coach wallet.

  • Rub gently in a circular motion being careful not to blot the surface.
  • Use a soft white cloth to clean the leather and fabric materials.
  • Allow material to dry completely after each cleaning; approximately 30 minutes.

Use signature moisturizer on Coach leather wallets to restore to its natural lustre.