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Coat and Hat Racks

Ever get tired of looking at coats and hats stacked up on furniture or thrown on the floor? Getting rid of unwanted piles of coats and hats can be as easy as adding a great coat and hat rack to a room. Coat and hat racks are a necessary item for people who need to go in and out of their house on a daily basis. There are a wide range of coat and hat rack styles to choose from that can add utility and a decorative touch to any room.

Wall Coat and Hat Racks

One of the most frustrating aspects that come with having small living quarters is having a lack of storage or floor space. Keep coats and hats organised with the aid of a wall coat and hat rack. Mounting coat and hat racks on the wall frees up clutter by making wall space useful. With the help of hooks, hangers, and other home organisation tools like wall coat and hat racks, you can regain some space and your sanity.

IKEA Coat and Hat Racks

Some of the most attractive home organisation tools come from IKEA, so it is no wonder why the IKEA coat and hat racks are among the most popular choices available. The Pinnig coat and hat rack is a versatile unit that comes with six hooks for hanging coats or hats. In addition to the hangers, there are also three separate shelves that can be used for shoes or other storage needs. This IKEA coat and hat rack is a great choice to help keep families organised.

Freestanding Coat and Hat Racks

Freestanding coat and hat racks do not have to look boring to be versatile as the makers of the EveryRoom metal coat rack seem to understand. This particular coat and hat rack is stunning to behold as it looks like a set of three intertwined branches. The eight-hook design offers plenty of room for hats, coats, and jackets so you can just grab and go without having to wade through stacks of clothing to find what you need.

Valet Stand Coat and Hat Racks

Owning a valet stand coat and hat rack is like owning several extra pairs of hands. The most popular valet stand coat and hat racks are made from wood and offer plenty of hanging room for coats, jackets, and even hats. There are many different finishes and wood choices available that look great with any room decor.