Cobra Driver Golf Clubs

Cobra Golf Club Drivers

Cobra manufactures an extensive line of drivers, including the Cobra King and Cobra F-MAX. These Cobra golf drivers prove well-suited for a wide range of situations on the course and are an essential component in every golf bag. When shopping, it is important to consider your skill level, as the right golf driver features depend heavily on your ability of play. You should also take your lead hand into account, as Cobra golf drivers are specifically tailored towards either left-handed or right-handed players.

What Head Shape is Best?

Cobra driver heads come in two basic shapes: square and round. Round Cobra drivers are an appropriate option for beginners because these drivers are less clunky, making them less likely to get caught in the ground prior to impact. On the other hand, square club drivers tend to have larger club faces, making them less susceptible to error; however, these drivers are often overlooked due to their poor design. Round drivers are the more commonly preferred of the two types, though you should ultimately choose the Cobra golf clubs that you feel most comfortable swinging.

What Grip Size Is Best?

Cobra offers a variety of grip sizes and styles; the grip size heavily impacts your wrist action, and ultimately, the direction of your shots. When shopping, it is important to take your hand size into account in addition to texture preferences. Cobra grips are available in specific diametre and can be further personalised with grip tape. The right diametre is best determined by your hand measurement.

How Do I Determine Shaft Flex?

The right golf shaft flex for your swing helps to maximise shot distance and accuracy. Typically, golfers with a faster swing speed should opt for a stiffer shaft, as this will help to lower the ball trajectory. On the other hand, golfers with a slower swing speed should consider a more flexible shaft, as this helps to produce a higher ball trajectory. Cobra offers both steel and graphite shaft flexes, and choosing the best fit depends on your needs as well as on your personal preference, with respect to weight and feel. Graphite golf shafts are renowned for their light weight and soft feel, leading to a faster swing that translates to more distance. Many golfers do prefer the standard weight and firmer feel of steel shafts.