Cockroach Insect Traps & Baits

Using Cockroach Bait and Traps

Roaches can enter even the smallest gaps in your house no matter how much you prevent infestation by keeping it clean. The same goes for other pests and insects. It is inevitable but not impossible to handle and control. If you think your house is infested and you want to kill, control, and prevent the infestation from happening again, using an efficient insecticide like bait and traps are probably the best way to go.

Insecticide Concentrate for Pest Control

If you want an all-around insecticide, this product might be the best choice for you. It is a potent concentrate that kills cockroaches that are already infesting your house, as well as an effective prevention method. If you think you need a product that has great value and can offer protection for an extended period, insect traps might be the best solution. Insect traps with the same solution can kill roaches as well as other pests such as ants and spiders in hard to reach areas and gaps in your house. Like all chemical insecticides, insect traps, and cockroach baits, it is best to keep in mind that the guidelines must be followed to a tee. This ensures the safety of your kids and pets, if you have any.

Application Method

You can set up insect foggers and use the insecticide as cockroach baits. The powerful concentrate should be mixed with water and applied to areas in your house where roaches and other pests are likely to crawl over. One package can make up to 8 litres of a solution.

When To Call for Help

With severe infestations, it might be best to call a professional pest control service and just use baits and traps as a preventive method after a comprehensive pest treatment. Signs of severe infestation manifests as clusters of insects gathering near food, presence of tiny holes that were made by insects, and mounds or nests in dark corners.