Professional Hair Treatment Products from Cocochoco

If hair becomes frizzy, thin or damaged it can be difficult to bring it back to shiny, glossy health. Cocochoco Premium Brazilian Keratin hair treatment claims to be an advanced and revolutionary process that transforms frizzy, coloured, permed or bleached hair into straight, smooth and shiny hair in one treatment.

The treatment aims to rehabilitate the hair while giving it a natural glossy look for approximately three to five months.

Cocochoco Original Keratin Treatment

This product is formulated to deal with challenging, damaged, dark and/or thick hair. The treatment is based on cocoa beans, said to improve the health of the hair, increase growth and ensure the treatment will last longer.

Cocochoco Pure Keratin Treatment

This treatment contains pure keratin protein, formulated to repair very damaged hair. The pure ingredients are intended to help the keratin imbue into the hair and help repair thin hair structure and rebuild hair layers.

Cocochoco Gold Keratin Treatment

This treatment contains Liquid 24k gold, intended to help reduce static electricity in hair and protect your hair from humidity, salt water and rain. Cocochoco Gold is formulated to help achieve an extra shiny and glossy effect. It's recommended to use Cocochoco clarifying shampoo before the treatment as well as designated after care products (sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner) for post-treatment in order to maintain and preserve better results.

The manufacturers of Cocochoco hair treatment products also recommend consulting a professional hairdresser with experience in hair straightening procedures prior to using the treatment. Search eBay today.