Coffee grinders for that perfect brew

Coffee grinders are an essential item of kitchen gadgetry that extracts the aroma and taste from coffee beans for use in a coffee machine or percolator. If youre a coffee lover youll find a bonza selection of grinders on eBay, to brew up a delicious cup of your favourite beverage.

Alternative types of coffee grinders

When it comes to serving tasty coffee, a burr grinder offers the required consistency and control that you need in order to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Burr coffee grinders feature two revolving abrasive surfaces, in between which the coffee is ground. Choose from a range of café or bistro style, and compact electric models that boast a conical burr.

As the name suggests, blade coffee grinders feature a high-speed spinning propeller blade that finely chops the coffee beans. Modern blade coffee grinders typically have a compact cylindrical design, with a strong stainless steel blade and a transparent lid so that you can check the coarseness of the grind. Choose from a variety of sleek designs to complement your kitchen gadgets.

Traditional hand coffee grinders require some elbow grease in order to achieve the desired ground consistency. Contemporary designs, made from stainless steel, have a slim cylindrical shape with a transparent viewing window and a detachable, adjustable grind turning handle. Vintage styles that feature a coffee bean storage drawer are also available.

Why every coffee lover needs a coffee grinder

To fully enjoy the rich flavour and aroma of coffee its important to treat the delicate coffee beans with care. To get the most out of the humble coffee bean, a coffee grinder is an investment purchase no coffee lover should be without.

Choose from manual or electric coffee grinders in burr, blade or hand grind styles, and enjoy French press, filter or espresso shots whenever you want.

For the perfect balanced cup of coffee, its essential to get the grinding and brew method right. A coffee grinder ensures that the coffee particles are a uniform shape and size. This helps the hot water to pass through in a predictable manner when brewing.