Coffee Pod Holders

Coffee Pod Holders

Everyone loves to make a fresh cup of coffee from their pod coffee machine. However, organizing the pods can be a daunting task. There are so many different flavours of coffee and espresso that it’s hard to have just one kind and if you kept all the boxes of these little pods on your kitchen counter, you would have a huge mess. Coffee pod holders are a great way to keep these little guys contained and organized. Depending upon your style and kitchen space, certain holders may work for you. There are wall mounted holders that effectively take up no counter space at all, rotating carousel holders that stand up, drawer organizers that can fit under your coffee machine, and other stand up holders. These holders come in varying sizes holding different amount of the pods. You will have to determine what size works for the amount of coffee you want to have on hand.

Stainless Steel Coffee Pod Holders

Stainless is very popular now for any large kitchen appliances as well as many other smaller electronic gadgets in the kitchen. Stainless steel coffee pod holders would fit right into this look. These pod holders come in the many styles including the drawer organizer, rotating stand, traditional stationary stand, and wall mounted racks. Because of the demand for stainless steel in everything, these are a hot commodity for your kitchen. These racks can hold from about 24 to 60-plus pods depending upon the size.

Chrome Coffee Pod Holders

For those who like shiny things, chrome kitchen coffee pod holders would be a great choice for your kitchen. There are a variety of styles that come in chrome including traditional stands, rotating racks and wall-mounted organizational units. These are sleek, modern looking holders that can hold about 24 to 48 pods.

Bamboo Coffee Pod Holders

Bamboo coffee pod holders are generally stand up storage holders that have a natural feel to them. The pods slide into various columns allowing you to organize by flavour, decaf or regular, or however you see fit to organize your capsules. These holders can typically hold about 36 to 48 pods. Bamboo pod holders are sturdy and strong, and are easy to clean. These are a great investment for any kitchen.