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Coffee vans for mobile goodness

If you're a keen businessperson in Australia looking to start a mobile coffee shop business, start by finding your custom coffee van on eBay. Alternatively, if you already have a mobile coffee van, you can find spare replacement parts, as well as the tools you need to complete the repairs.

Coffee vans

Choose from a selection of new and used coffee vans to help get your business off the ground, from recognised manufacturers like Hyundai and Aixam. There is also a selection of caravan and van conversions available, which is ideal if you're looking to get started with a simple conversion that is also a little bit unique.

Tell everyone

Fliers and social media can be fantastic ways of advertising your business, but you need to give drivers a heads up so they can pull over when they see you. Advertise your coffee van with fun and attractive business signs.

Power and spare parts

Have a selection of tools and spare parts handy in case anything goes wrong while you're serving your customers their hot cups of coffee. You'll also require a generator to make sure your coffee van has enough juice to serve all of your thirsty customers.

Build your mobile cafe

Once you've got yourself a coffee van, stocked up on your coffee beans and your coffee machine, it's time to start figuring out what other essential business supplies you need. The size of your mobile cafe will largely be dictated by the amount of furniture you can transport. You can get creative and purchase tables and chairs to turn your coffee van into a mobile cafe, and perhaps offer some food on the side. On eBay, you can choose from a selection of durable furniture that is waterproof and will look gorgeous outside your coffee van. You can also purchase disposable cutlery, so customers have the option to eat in or have theirs to take away.