Cohesive Bandages

Every first aid kit needs cohesive bandages

A first aid kit is so important in both the home and workplace to keep up to date with the necessary supplies. On eBay you can find the relevant first aid supplies from cohesive bandages, plasters, dressings to gloves. So whatever you face in your day-to-day life, you can be confident you have the necessary equipment to carry out any first aid needed.

Keep at home

Ensuring you have the right dressing at home is vital; after all, you don't want to be caught out if a little DIY goes awry. Whether you want a 3m or 6m bandage, or another form of dressing such as adhesive plasters, you'll find everything you could need to help with cuts, minor burns and grazes.

Always have them close by

On eBay you'll find cohesive bandages in multiple sizes alongside tape to keep the bandage secure, and plasters in different shapes and sizes.

These are handy to keep in a first aid kit in your car. Therefore, if anything happens when you're out and about you've got the means to look after anything minor. Of course, you can even take smaller items with you to work and keep them in your desk drawer or handbag. After all, who knows when you'll need an emergency plaster.

Be childproof

We all know kids are always getting themselves into scrapes here and there, which makes having a wound dressing for all occasions essential.

You'll find everything from plasters with faces on them for those minor bumps that just need a little TLC to plasters for bigger cuts, bandages for skin grazes and even sports bandages for when they get a little too carried away.

Whatever the incident, on eBay you'll find a bandage, tape, adhesive plaster and everything in between; helping you prepare for most first aider moments that may arise.