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Coil Springs for Suzuki Swift

Turn tightly and comfortably with Suzuki Swift coil springs

For many vehicle owners, coil springs are one of those vital pieces that you don’t fully appreciate until you need to replace them.

If your Suzuki Swift wallows when you are turning, squats excessively when under acceleration, and dives under when braking, it’s likely time to install some high-performance coil springs from eBay.

What are coil springs?

Coil springs are those metal coils behind your wheels which play an integral role in the suspension system as the car is driven, compressing to absorb pressure. These coil springs have been designed primarily to absorb all shock while driving, from the smallest bump in the road, to the deepest ditch. As you drive along, your Suzuki Swift will constantly come across various sized bumps in the road. And it's the job of your coil springs to always make sure that you only feel the slightest effects of these bumps.

Suzuki Swift coil springs

Suzuki coil springs are manufactured specifically to ensure the smoothest ride possible, whether on the road or off. Suzuki Swift performance coil springs are quite strong and have become quite popular for many car enthusiasts today, available in different colours, thicknesses, and tensions.

Why replace your Suzuki Swift’s coil springs?

Over time and with daily use, the coil springs in your Suzuki Swift can eventually lose their springiness. This is normal and happens with average and general wear and tear. For the smoothest and most comfortable ride you can possibly have when driving your Suzuki Swift, it's a good idea to get them replaced.

There have been many different models of Suzuki Swifts released over the last 30-plus years, and each one may require different size or type of coil springs. So, it is always a good idea to consult your owner's manual before ordering to ensure that you purchase the correct part for your Swift.

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