Some people collect stamps or comic books; others collect their toe nail clippings or porcelain dolls. Collecting items is a very personal pursuit and can take a lot of energy and time, depending on the uniqueness of the item. People are unique in the way that in many cases, we collect items solely for the satisfaction of pursing and owning them.

One of the most popular items we collect today is coins. Just like football and baseball cards, many types of coins rise in value over time and can be worth a lot of money in the future.

Why do people collect coins?

While coin collection can be profitable, there are many other reasons why people collect coins. For some, it may be the challenge of finding that 'perfect' coin that is without flaws. Others enjoy the educational aspect of it, as different coins are issued during historical, political, or cultural changes. Even more so, it's the thrill of discovering that one rare coin that is beautifully designed and features a layout or artwork that is really unique.

How to find valuable coins in circulation

Without even realising it, there's a fair chance you may have a coin worth a fair bit of money in your home. Ask your parents or grandparents if they have an old cigar box where they keep old coins and loose change - your findings may surprise you!

Another way to find old coins in circulation is to buy many rolls at your local bank and then search through them. Or, you can jump online on eBay and browse through hundreds of buyers who are eager to sell you a piece from their coin collection.

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