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Coin-Operated Poker Machines

Australia has more poker machines per person than any other country in the world, except for Monaco and Macau which are considered "gambling destinations." Poker machines are legal throughout Australia, except in Western Australia, where they are only permitted within a casino. Excluding Western Australia, statistics suggest that between 20 per cent and 30 per cent of adults use a poker machine at least once a year, with a large proportion of those people using a poker machine once a week or more.

Card-Operated vs. Coin-Operated Poker Machines

Today, most poker machines are card operated, with value being added directly from the user's credit card. Card-operated poker machines have taken over from the more traditional coin-op poker machine, though there is still a lot of interest in coin slot machines and other antique slot machines from gaming enthusiasts. In fact, in the early 20th century, demand for coins to operate a coin-op poker machines was so high that the design of the Liberty Head nickel in the United States was briefly delayed. Similarly, some reports indicate that the introduction of Space Invaders in Japan caused a countrywide shortage of the ¥100 coin. For some, the appeal of a coin-operated poker machines is in the physical sensation of inserting a coin and pulling a lever.

Coin Op Poker Machine Locations

Poker machines and other coin-operated arcade machines are typically found in two types of locations: locations of convenience and destination locations. Locations of convenience include machines found in airports, convenience stores, restaurants and bars; while destination locations include theme parks, family entertainment centres, carnivals and arcades.

Target Audience

Most coin-operated video games consoles and other amusement arcade games are aimed at teenage and young adult males, although of course women of all ages and men outside the target age group can also be drawn towards coin-op poker machines and other arcade games.

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