Turn back the clock and enjoy some old-school fun with a classic pre-owned pinball machine that will make your games room the new place to hang out. You and your friends could be re-living the glorious 70s, 80s or 90s with every turn. Are you a millennial keen to try your hand at retro gaming? When you buy pinball machine, you buy hours of action-packed entertainment and a fantastic retro feature everyone will love.

Different pinball machines for sale

From rare finds to popular favourites, eBay has loads of original pinball machines and othercoin-operated arcade machinesfor enthusiasts and serious collectors. Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, White Water, Jungle, Supersonic and of course, Street Fighter and Street Fighter II - you name the theme, there's a chance you'll find it in pinball machine form on eBay. As for brand choice, trust the best in the business like Gottlieb, Bally, Williams and Stern, who all used to make pinball machines like they were going out of fashion.

Cabinet and playfield condition

Authentic used pinball machines have lived long lives, so it's normal to notice a bit of wear and tear on top of the playfield or on the exterior, backbox or interior of the cabinet. Check the item photos and descriptions for any information about minor damage, repairs or component replacements on all sections, particularly the cabinet, glass, slingshots, ramps and targets. The playfield itself is where your pinball machine shines. If the surface and plastics are polished, free of wear and tear, and not overly faded, you could be onto a winner. It's also important to have fully functional lamps and lights to enjoy the full pinball experience. Sellers often recommend an inspection before purchase if possible, as items are usually non-returnable.

Creating a very special games room filled with original and refurbished arcade games? Find all yourcoin-operated gaming parts, cabinets and control panels on eBay.