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What makes up a coin collector’s kit?

Budding numismatists can often get carried away when first putting together a collection; buying up expensive coins without putting in the proper research or having the correct kit. Collecting coins can be a fascinating hobby, however, it’s best to do some background work before putting down big money. That means finding out more about coins, about coin collecting, and about what makes up a coin collector’s kit. You can refer to eBay’s stamps, currency, and coins policy for more information.

One of the most important items in a numismatist’s kit is a coin magnifier. Being able to see every detail on a coin is absolutely essential, as it allows the collector to work out the value of the coin, while identifying flaws and faults. It can also allow the collector to check for error coins and counterfeits. Serious coin collectors may have a solid coin magnifier to keep at home, and a jeweller’s loupe or a pocket magnifier to use on the go. Most collectors prefer 10x-20x magnification.

Research tools are also helpful, especially for new collectors. This can include a grading guide and Universal Rarity Scale, as well as reference books. New collectors can go online to find out what to collect and how to compare prices, while getting their heads round coin handling techniques, collecting lingo, and coin anatomy, identification and valuation. When it comes to buying coins and comparing prices.