Coins of the Pacific

A coin collection can tell you a lot about a regions people and history. The composition of the metals used to make the coins, the images used on the back and front (obverse) of the coin, the wording used u001a all give some insight into the culture and values of any area at the time of issue. Whether you are looking for a specific Pacific coin to add to your collection, or after some of the romance of the southern seas, there are plenty of coins from the specific to choose from.

What Do We Consider the Pacific Region?

For collectors with an interest in Pacific coins, you can be looking at a fairly large area depending on where you draw the boundaries.

  • The "Pacific" can encompass Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and many other Pacific Island countries in the Oceanic region.
  • Heading north, the Pacific encompasses Asia, Africa and America.

Why Do People Collect Coins of the Pacific?

People collect coins for many reasons including interest in a particular topic or theme or investment. Some of these include:

  • Limited Editions and Commemorative Coins: If you are a collector of memorabilia associated with particular events, people, flora or fauna, limited editions and coins minted with collectors in mind may appeal. For example Samoas Gold Leaf silver coin series that has released annually since 2015.
  • Currency Changes: For collectors of old coins and collectibles, with the colonial history of the South Pacific and Oceania region, many countries in the South Pacific and Oceania region have undergone complete changes of currency as they switched to decimal currency. More recently, in 2015, the Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga changed their coinage.
  • Bullions: if youre a collector looking to make a profit on the value of the precious metals used in coins you may be looking for bullion coins. The value of Pacific silver bullion coins.