Spruce Up Your Home With A Cold Water Pressure Washer

Every home needs a cold water pressure washer for those clean-up jobs that need a little extra pressure than you can get from a hose. Pressure washers are easy to use and make getting rid of grime, dirt and moss effortless. Shop today on eBay.

Uses for a pressure washer

A cold water pressure washer simply attaches to your garden hose or an outdoor tap. Then, you plug it into a power point and turn it on. The high-pressure outlet nozzle can be controlled to the amount of spray and pressure that you need.

Most pressure washers also come with a small tank or two that you can add detergent into. This makes it really easy when your car is very dirty or you want to wash the windows. For hard-to-reach areas, many pressure washers have telescopic handles. These are ideal for cleaning the cobwebs from your eaves.

To make it easy to store your pressure away in the garage when you’re not using it, most machines have onboard storage for the power cable and the pressure hose.

Many new pressure washers also come with accessories that you can use for certain tasks. These accessories can include a car wash brush, a foam nozzle, a patio cleaner and detergents. You can also purchase these types of accessories separately.

Other types of cold water pressure washers

Apart from the stand-alone pressure washers that have their own motor and can be pulled around the yard with inbuilt wheels, there are other types that you can choose from depending on your needs.

There are high-pressure nozzles powered by a rechargeable battery and attached to your garden hose or tap. These often come with a long hose and a charger for the battery. Being cordless makes these units very portable and not as heavy as the standalone pressure washers. These units are excellent for washing the car, caravan or boat.

You can also get high-pressure nozzles that just attach to your hose and are not powered by a motor. If you have really good water pressure, this could be a good solution for washing your car or windows. Check out the range available on eBay today.