Cole Clark

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Cole Clark is a musical instrument manufacturer widely admired for its acoustic guitars, bass guitars and ukeleles. Favoured by folk, country and acoustic artists around the world, Cole Clark has a reputation for providing exceptional sound to all levels of musician. Ever wanted to learn the guitar, or want to expand your instrument collection to include a beautiful piece by Cole Clark? eBay is the answer. Get shopping today to own a Cole Clark guitar without the hefty price tag. 

One of the minds behind the musical brand is Brad Clark, who believed there was a way to make excellent-sounding guitars without chopping down decades-old trees. The Australia-based company used Australian indigenous timbers like Australian Blackwood, Queensland Maple and Maple Silkwood. The company's commitment to sustainability has led them to stop making new guitars from endangered timbers like rosewood and ebony, although some older second-hand items listed on eBay do feature these timbers. 

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Find both brand new and pre-owned Cole Clark products on eBay, depending on your preference and budget. Set your own custom price range to make sure you can only see affordable results, or take part in an auction to be in the best chance of finding a great bargain. 

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