Coleman Camping Tents


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Coleman Camping Tents

Lie beneath the stars and put on a campfire. When it's time to get some shuteye, protect yourself from the elements with a Coleman camping tent. Whatever you or your guests might prefer, there are several kinds of tents to choose. Check out a Coleman pop-up tent, or a Coleman dome tent. There are even temporary shelters for events.

Coleman Pop Up Camping Tents

Coleman’s Instant Up series gives you many options for the pop-up camping tent of your dreams. There are many sizes and features that will make your camping experience a comfortable one. For the savvy camper looking to make the most of their time with set up, Coleman camping pop-up tents are a great choice.

Coleman Dome Camping Tents

With greater wind resistance than a pop-up tent, Coleman dome camping tents are a good way to experience a new campsite and new adventure. Whether you like going to the same campsites or you want to mix it up and go to a variety of places, a Coleman Dome tent can be perfect solution.

Coleman Event Shelter

Don't let rain ruin your party. When you and your group need additional shade when hosting your outdoor event, a Coleman event shelters can be the solution you’re looking for. As with other Coleman camping tents, the event shelters offer various sizes, colours, shapes, and features.

Coleman Camping Tent Accessories

Whether you need illumination inside your camping tent or sleeping bags that keep you warm, Coleman goes far beyond offering tents. The brand a whole line of cookware, seating, and even storage for you to stay organised and on time. The hard part has been done already; all you need to do is make your list, and get the most out of your camping experience with Coleman products.