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Colgate Electric Toothbrush

We all know how important dental hygiene is to the well-being of our teeth. A respected name in the industry, the range of Colgate rechargeable electric toothbrushes will ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy. To supplement the Colgate electric toothbrush, you can take care of your teeth with the Colgate dental and oral care selection that will help in ways the Colgate toothbrush can’t.

Cleaning Modes

Colgate’s electric toothbrushes use sonic vibrations to clean your teeth, removing plaque and surface stains in the process. Each Colgate toothbrush also features multiple modes for different brushing actions, the standard being side-to-side and up-down strokes. Whenever the need arises however, you can simply switch to manual mode and control the speed of the toothbrush head yourself. Some models even include smart sensors to automatically adjust the speed and action of the toothbrush head depending on how the Colgate toothbrush is held. All of this contributes to a thorough, interdental clean.


Each Colgate toothbrush has been designed in a slim, sleek and lightweight style to feel like an ordinary manual toothbrush. Additionally, the bristles of the Colgate electric toothbrush have been specifically designed to remove plaque away from the gumline.


Each Colgate electric toothbrush features several timing features to assist you in following recommended dental practices. A standard feature of the colgate toothbrush is a timer that will turn the toothbrush off once the user reaches the recommended 2 minute brushing time. The electric toothbrush also has a 30 second pacer that pauses to indicate the user should switch to the next section of their teeth.


Each Colgate electric toothbrush comes with its own travel case, to protect it wherever you go. For those looking for even more portability, Colgate has a special compact toothbrush the Pocket-Pro, that easily disassembles into its small case that can be charged via USB.