Collectable Advertising Tins

Collectable advertising tins are a relic from the past and are ideal for collectors and those with a nostalgic disposition. Old tins provide collectors and enthusiasts with a look to the past, when brands had a strong interest in creative advertising and promotional efforts. Whether you are looking for an old biscuit tin or an old polish tin, you can shop a wide range of vintage tins and collectable advertising to discover a new treasure to add to your collection.


Collectable tins are a scarce item and will continue to increase in value over time. Many collectors enjoy the ritual of passing these items down through the family. Some people choose to display their old tins on a shelf for all to see, whilst others purchase these pieces to donate to museums. The main factors that will determine the monetary value of vintage tins will be the rarity, demand, design and condition.

Utility Value

Old tins also provide tremendous utility value, if you choose to use them. Because they are made from durable tin, you can use them to store things such as screws, buttons and various small items you may have around the house.

Different Brands

There is a collectable tin produced by just about every brand imaginable. Choose from tea, tobacco, polish, tinned fruit, chocolate, biscuit and lolly manufacturers to name just a few. In the 1800’s, tins were a very popular form of packaging and were thought to be more sanitary than the alternatives. Therefore, brands put significant effort into producing unique and desirable tins to help sell their product.


Collectable tins come in a range of different styles. Some are small and rounded, such as those used for polish and tobacco. Others may be large with a removable lid. Money box tins are also very popular, and can still be used today. Some manufacturers experimented with radical tin designs such as automobiles, books, handbags and tin toys.