Collectable Antique Lamps

Antique lamps add retro charm to your home

Lighting is a fundamental element in the styling of your interiors. Whether it's to enhance the ambient or natural light in the room, to focus in on a specific task, or an accent piece to highlight a space, lighting can dramatically alter the atmosphere of a room.

When selecting lighting, think carefully about the kind of effect you want to create, dramatic, calm or perhaps intense, but just as important is the placement of the lamps. A well placed antique lamp, behind or next to a sofa, can add a cosy, inviting glow to a room. No matter what you're looking for you're sure to find the ideal antique decorative art for your style of interior décor.

About the right light

Between vintage floor lamps, antique table lamps and light shades, in a whole range of styles from stylish forms of Art Deco to the more austere heaviness of Edwardian bronze.

Desk lamps

A sultry desk lamp can bring the finishing touch to your workspace. A vintage lamp with a chrome or brass base combined with a glass shade is perfect to add some extra reflective surface to the room. Look for a multi-jointed arm to direct the bulb and you have the perfect solution for focussed illumination.

Floor lamps

Many interior designers swear only by using a selection of carefully placed floor lamps throughout a home. Some of the most interesting designs across eBay have a slight industrial look to them, for instance, an antique wooden tripod searchlight or a laboratory light are sure to bring a flair of intrigue to your home.

Hanging lamps

From French antique brass, a dripping crystal chandelier to etched, retro glass pendant ceiling fixtures to alabaster ceiling dishes, a hanging lamp will frame your room. It's worth thinking about the size of your room in relation to your fitting. And for something different why not try out a pair of rococo wall lights.

Table lamps

Here's where you can have all the fun. From Art Nouveau style cherub laden porcelain bases to brightly coloured, blown glass oil lamps, your surfaces can be the place where you play. Let your imagination run wild and search out the lamp of you never even knew you wanted.