Collectable Ashtrays

Collectible ashtrays to perfect any collection

Vintage and retro collectible ashtrays are available in a wide variety of unique designs. Whether youre looking for something functional and practical with a little style, or tobacciana items to enhance your collection, you will discover a cracking selection on eBay.

Centrepiece vintage ashtrays for display

If youre keen on antique ashtrays, individual pieces that show off an unusual design are perfect for both display and use. Vintage spherical ashtrays are typically made from coloured depressed glass and have smooth contours and an angled circular opening for your cigarette. A brass fitting and handle provide complementary designer touches.

Limited edition ashtrays that feature decorative gold embellishments add glamour and sophistication to any collection on display. Chic handcrafted Hermes ashtrays are made from painted ceramic and have a traditional classic Hermes design and gold indents on which to rest 4 cigars or cigarettes.

Discover classic bar-style breweriana ashtrays, ideal for use in a bar or as part of a varied collection. These often feature branding from companies like London Dry Gin, Haig, and Coopers Light to name a few.

Art Deco style ashtrays include floor stand options that were once a popular feature in elegant lounges and sitting rooms, ideal for adding retro charm to any room. The chrome plated stand has a circular base and an ashtray bowl at the top whilst authentic Art Deco decoration provides additional detail.

Push down style retro ashtrays were a popular tabletop feature in the 1960s and 1970s. These round, chunky steel ashtrays boast a rotating lid that is easily opened by pushing down on the centre placed handle.

Functional tobacco accessories for everyday use

Glass collectible ashtrays are available in a wide range of designs and styles from many fashionable eras. Popular designs include vintage French glass ashtrays with highly detailed cut crystal bottoms and thick glass models that are solid and plain.

Compact and portable ashtrays allow you to have a sneaky smoke on the move. These classic lidded accessories are pocket-sized sized pieces made from engraved stainless steel. Modern designs that feature an internal LED light are also available.