Collectable Axes & Hatches

Collectable Axes and Hatchets

No tool shed, mancave, or garage is complete without a sizable collection of tools, so when you’re looking to decorate there’s one obvious direction to go in. These vintage axes and hatchets are often still perfectly good for use too, though sometimes they might need a bit of a clean-up, a sharpen, and a new haft.

A Head for History

Many of these hatchets and axes represent a bit of Australian hardware history, with manufacturers that have made the cut and brands for many years. Stamps and marks on both the axehead and the haft will attest to the history on display here.

Spit and Polish

Of course, not every item here has made it through the ages unweathered. Quite a few of these vintage axes and vintage hatchets are rusted, putted, blunt, and in desperate need of a new wood haft. It might take a bit of doing to get one of these to shine again, but it’ll be a great tool shed project, and very rewarding to display or use once it’s done.

Other Vintage Tools

Vintage axes and hatchets aren’t the only tools out there that need some love. Once you’ve finished the axe or hatchet, you’ll need somewhere to put it, and one axe doesn’t cover a wall. Collectable tools, hardware, and locks all fit perfectly in a toolshed either as decoration or simply as refurbished tools. Antique saws, drills, and locks can be revived again with effort and patience, and a little help from your sanding tool.

Hatchets, Axes, and More

There are dozens of types of axes under the sun, like splitting mauls, adzes, hoes and trap setters, and billhooks to just name a few. If you’re not sure why anyone would need that many axes, go ahead and try, you’ll be wondering how you ever did without one.