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Collectible Banking and Insurance Advertising

In the 18th century, newspapers started filling in their blank spaces with ads from different companies. Today, advertising appears on every street corner, television, computer and phone screen. Old printed advertising is somewhat rare and can thus be worth a lot. In a collection of historical memorabilia, you can add several pieces of vintage advertising just for your own entertainment or for investment purposes. Banking memorabilia, insurance posters, or petrol advertising are some of the areas you could focus on, especially if you're building a historical context for a certain location or just the way people used to live.


Posters can come in different sizes and be either colourful or black and white, depending on when they went to print. In addition to posters, the printed editions of advertising can be pamphlets, brochures or even calendars. With many slogans that sound funny decades later, the posters are a cool way to start your advertising collection.

Newspaper Extracts

As advertising began with newspapers, you could start your collection by leafing through old newspapers. This can take quite a while, and newspaper pages with advertising on them are rare finds. Thanks to this increased effort, they are also more valuable and can work perfectly as investments. You can focus your collection on one newspaper and its issues, or focus on one bank or insurance company and search for their advertising from various publications.


As you embark on your journey as a collector, you always need to make sure the advertising you are acquiring for your valued collection is genuine. Study the images of banking and insurance advertising and get to know the logos, images, slogans and other objects commonly used in the printed materials. Be observant to note potential fakes as well as rare items that could later bring you a fortune if you decide to sell them.


The better the condition of the advertising, the more valuable it is. Before purchasing, study the images on the poster to detect any tears, stains, creases or holes. Once you have acquired the banking or insurance advertising, try and maintain its good condition. For instance, you could laminate the posters or put them inside plastic film. As usual, direct strong sunlight is your enemy, and you should keep the collectibles in a dry and dark place and take them out only when you want to showcase your collectible advertising collection to the guests. Having the advertising in a visible spot might look fancy, but it also reduces the quality.