Collectable Beer Signs

A great way to dress up your man cave, home bar or game room, collectable beer signs are a playful embellishment to any type of leisure or sports room. Perhaps you're in search of an old beer sign that once hung at your favourite pub, or you simply want some collectable signs with funny sayings to lighten up the tone of the room. There are a few different types of collectable beer signs to choose from.

Vintage Signs

Perhaps you're looking for breweriana and beer collectables or vintage signs. These old signs may be decades old, and at one time, perhaps hung in a pub as advertising for a new lager. When searching these signs, you may want to opt for brands that are no longer being manufactured or older signs that promote your favourite brand.

Sign Materials

The construction of collectable beer signs varies. Older signs are most likely going to be made of metal or tin, and may have some quality issues due to chipped paint or rust. Newer signs may be made of plastic, plywood or cardboard and newer poster signs may simply be made out of paper. The older a sign is, the more likely it has a metal or tin construction.

Unbranded Signs

Perhaps you just want some funny signs for your game room, and not one that promotes any particular type of beer. Look for collectable signs that have funny sayings such as, _x001A_Man Cave Rules' or _x001A_Beer, not just for breakfast'. You can also find personalised signs that have your surname or first name etched on them, such as "Joe's Game Room," or another type of personalisation.

Popular Brands

One of the reasons many beer signs are collectable is because of the brands they advertised. Many of these brands are no longer in circulation, so it makes the sign highly prized. Look for collectable beer advertising with brands such as Firehouse, Fourex, Guinness, Pecheur, KB Beer and others. In lieu of beer, you may also want to choose signs that advertise different types of alcohol, such as whiskey, port wine, scotch whiskey and other spirits.