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Collectable Beer Steins and Drinkware

Beer is one of the oldest manufactured drinks, as the earliest evidence of it dates 7,000 years back in what is now modern day Iran. Now, brewing has 'fermented' down to an art and science. You can enjoy beer in several ways on various occasions. Drink from a beer tap, have it in a pint glass, or drink it like the Germans do in a nice big, heavy beer stein.

Beer Glasses

You can tell how much society loves a drink by the fact that they make special glass just for drinking them. Beer glasses have been designed to look good when filled with the golden, sparkling liquid. The drink is best served ice cold, which is why frosted glasses and mugs are ideal for presentation. To produce them, they are sandblasted or acid etched to look opaque so the beer inside looks extra cold and appealing. Not only do beer glasses look good in the hand, but they also look good on shelves. Limited edition ones from different well-known and craft beer brands are designed in unique ways that make them highly collectible, especially when etched with a brand name or shaped to look like an animal horn.


Beer tankards are gigantic mugs, typically with a lid on small hinges to keep the drink from becoming contaminated. They are usually made of glass, wood, silver, or pewter, but some special ones may be made of leather as well. An antique wooden tankard would make for great decor due to its wood grain, the thin wooden band that keeps the small strips of wood together, and the antiquarian lid that you can flip and hold open with the thumb on your drinking hand.

Beer Steins

Among the oldest drinkware is the beer stein. Typically made of stoneware but also from glass, pewter, silver, or wood, and make for great collectibles. Tall and imposing, a genuine beer stein has an ornate body with an exceedingly elaborate lid, which is the cherry on top. Some decorative beer steins are gigantic; some have in fact can hold than 30 litres and weigh over 16 kilograms when empty. Practical pewter tankards and steins can hold half a litre to 700 millilitres of liquid, with larger capacity ones being fashioned out of lightweight pewter.