Collectable Bottles, Jars & Jugs

With the advent of reality television shows such as ‘Antique Roadshow,’ people have become more and more fascinated with vintage pieces. It seems old is in, and new is out. If you haven’t inherited charming pieces of yesteryear but think an antique vase, bottle, jar or jug will be a great centrepiece in your living room, you can find them online at eBay, the world’s best marketplace.

Old vintage bottles have a somewhat rustic charm to them, and can look great once strategically placed in the garden among the flowers. Available in a range of sizes and colours, but still in mint condition, it’s simply a case of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’Place them on your tables to create a truly romantic and whimsical decor idea. If you’re looking for an interesting shape, the antique torpedo soda bottle, created in the 1880s, will be the most talked about item when you’re hosting a function at home. 

Hosting an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed party? These original vintage antique blue poison bottles from the 1800s are in fine condition and will add an appeal to any dinner party. These are the rarest and most prized bottles as they feature dire warnings and other interesting embossing. Similarly, the old Australian-made Marchants cordial bottle from the early 1900s is reminiscent of a time long ago before plastic containers.

There are dozens of categories of collectable bottles for you to sift through. From milk bottles to beer bottles, perfume, Mason, liquour and more, shop by category, price, and even size to find exactly what you’re looking for online at eBay. You can buy outright or bid auction-style to get the best deals on secondhand collectable jugs and jars.