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Enter the world of exquisite collectible bottles

There could be an array of reasons for searching collectible bottles, but here on eBay we have something to suit every collector. If you require a one-off vintage collectible, or if you are an avid auction watcher for rare or limited-edition pieces, you won't be disappointed by the selection. Due to the steady rise in the Australian home craft market, collectible jars, as well as containers with lids, for production of perfumes, aromatherapy oils, or other hobbies that have a bottling process are available

New and reusable bottles, jars, and demijohns

Depending on the size of container you need, there are sets of ten mini cork stopper glass vials which would be perfect for various craft ideas for the aromatherapy or spice enthusiast. For larger volumes, the Nutley S 1 litre fluted glass bottle with a ceramic swing stopper alongside the glass and pottery Demijohns are great choices for the home brewer, they have a great rustic appearance and are completely recyclable.

Vintage and unusual bottles

If you are looking for a thoughtful and unusual gift, a vintage Mikasa diamond Whiskey bottle is a great gift to consider. It has a silver grape cork stopper, and a diamond fire pattern design etched into the glass. There is also a selection of striking vintage pump dispensing bottles that are not only for a passionate collector.

As you're able to purchase perfumed oil easily, reusable perfume dispensers are fast becoming a more eco-friendly way to add style to your home. A jewelled corset perfume bottle in pink would be a pretty addition to any dressing table.

Antique bottles

The codd bottle revolutionised life as we know it, so little wonder at the high level of interest in the very early examples, such as the rare Moonee Valley bottle adds vintage charm to any home.