Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Finish off your collection with magnificent collectable daggers

Find the perfect collectable daggers to start your collection or to finish off your cabinet here on eBay.

Militaria and hunting blades

Knives such as the heavy-duty military sabre M9 knife complete with a sheath is an authentic vintage blade and beyond comparison with the newer carbon steel USA army military short fighting knife for weight and ease of use, but the avid collector will find the beauty in both. A very special Indian two-piece handmade Damascus steel blade can be found, should your particular interest be in ethnic or tribal hunting blades.

Fantasy daggers

Since "The Lord of the Rings", "Game of Thrones", and "Troy", fantasy swords and daggers made for display are becoming more popular than ever. You will find your favourite fantasy dagger here on eBay, along with all the display stands and fixings you may need to ensure that your collectable knives and swords are shown in pride and place.

From the children's book series "Narnia", there is a collectable Sharp the King of the Lion sword, with an overall length of 36cm. In the same category, you can also find a 14" Witch King sword from "The Lord of The Rings", that will be much sought after by the cult film followers.

Historical and samurai swords and daggers

There is something very spiritual about seeing majestically displayed samurai swords, be them authentic or replica. The history of Japanese sword making, from the intricately carved handles to the fineness of the blade, together with the traditions that follow through time are the basis for many modern-day swords and blades.

Such a sword, the Lotus Samurai, is a high carbon steel kobuse sword and is now available for the everyday collector on eBay. You are also in the right place to find such items as a Scottish claymore sword for fans of historical reenactments.

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