Collectable Dragon Statues

For fantasy fans, dragon figurines and statues are one way to bring fantasy into reality. These home decor items feature the likenesses of dragons in a variety of colours, sizes and designs. Some statues double as other items, making them functional as well as decorative, and some dragons feature likenesses of characters from TV shows or movies, like Shen Long from "Dragon Ball Z." 

What Are Some Dragon Statue Types?

There are traditional dragon sculptures, which may sit on a base. These statues and figurines can sit on a table, mantel or shelf with ease. They vary in size, weight and colour, as well as in the type of dragon and how elaborately it's designed. Some dragon statues have something extra, such as an LED lamp or light or an incense burner. A dragon figurine that doubles as a candle holder or bottle holder makes an exciting addition to any table and casts a glow on the dragon that creates an even more magical feel. 

What Materials Are Used in Dragon Statues?

When it comes to dragon statues, there are many materials from which to select, including everything from pewter to glass to resin. Select a sparkling crystal figurine or a clay dragon sculpture in numerous size and design options. Kids might collect plastic dragon figurines depicting figures from children's films like "How to Train Your Dragon."