Enhance your collection with collectible drills

Collectible drills can be displayed in a collection, or used to enhance your DIY toolkit. Whatever reason you're looking for an antique drill, you're sure to find the perfect woodwork and carpentry collectibles for you here on eBay.

Different types of vintage drills

Vintage drills are traditional woodworking tools that were designed to withstand the test of hard graft and time. Stanley and Silex hand drills have a classic design that features a solid wooden handle and a handled side-winding ratchet wheel that drives the drill bit. Collectible drills are available separately and as sets.

Collectible drills that are powered by electricity typically offer two speeds of working action. These vintage drills have a 5/8 chunk and are suitable for general DIY duty.

Spare parts for collectible drills

Spare parts for antique collectible drills include sets of spur cutters and auger bits. Hand brace drill bit tools are typically supplied in sets of ten and feature an assortment of styles and sizes. These collectible tools are designed to fit into a hand brace and are a ripper option for drilling timber.

Rare collectible drills, like the John S Fray No.70 Cocobolo joist brace, were manufactured to high specifications, using the highest quality materials. The joist brace boasts a fully boxed ratchet, an extendable jaw chuck, crank handles, and oil ports to all mechanisms.

Pewter ring drill parts are available in a selection of styles and designs to fit specific collectible drills. The vintage 17 inch brace pewter and cocobolo ring is ideal for boring large diameter holes, and for driving screws in.

Early collectible drills featured hand forged spoon bits with removable tapered rudimentary iron jaws. Choose from a variety of vintage iron chunk designs made from beech or elm.

Scotch and spur drill bits for collectible drills typically have a square tapered shank and spiral cutting tips. Vintage drill bits are available in sets for four, five, or six.