Collectable Folding Knives

Your Guide to Collectible Folding Knives

If you are a collector of pocket and folding knives, chances are your curiosity about these objects was sparked at a young age. Either you found one lying around your parents' or grandparents' home or maybe while visiting a childhood friend. They are one of those items that have an appeal that stays with individuals for a lifetime, and you can find an array of valuable collectible folding knives on eBay.

How to choose a collectible pocket knife

As a pocket knife collector, you will naturally gravitate towards a specific design, brand, use, or unique aesthetic present in the knife that grabs your attention. Maybe it's the story behind the pocket knife that you are interested in the most. On the other side, if it's collector's value that you're after, then you should have a thorough knowledge in the materials present in the knife's construction, the brand, date of manufacture, and where the knife may have been used beforehand. Historical use of certain knife brands will oftentimes demand a higher collector's value and purchase price.

The important parts of affordable collectible folding knives

When studying the features of a folding knife, it is helpful to know where to look and what you should be looking for in both the blade and the handle of the knife.

The handle of the knife is important in understanding the utility and value of a collectible knife. Pay attention to the type of material being used whether it's a precious metal, rare wood, composite, or bone. The shape of the handle will usually lend itself to understanding the period when that particular knife was in use and possibly by whom.

The blade itself will almost always be fashioned in a particular shape, which usually defines how it was used. The following is a short-list on knife types that you can review to understand your collection better or to expand your search for the perfect addition to your collection:

  • Peasant knife
  • Slip joint knife
  • Barlow knife
  • Camper knife
  • Canoe knife
  • Congress knife
  • Peanut knife
  • Pen knife
  • Sodbuster knife
  • Stockman knife
How do you select a pocket knife for your collection?

As a true collector, you know it's a never-ending search of fun and curiosity. There are certain knives you will collect for aesthetic purposes. Others you may choose for their resale value, collectability, history, or utility. You can find a range of used collectible pocket knives to help you start or expand your collection.