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Collecting fossils never gets old

Collectable fossils are hugely popular pieces that appeal to kids and adults of all ages. If you're keen to start fossil hunting, you will find a bonza selection of collectable fossils on eBay.

Different types of collectable fossils

Medium and large size polished collectable fossils of squid-like creatures are a popular display option. These genuine fossils date back to the Devonian period and are available in a range of shapes, colours and sizes. The range of stone and minerals in the rocks creates a beautiful visual display.

Pairs of split ammonite fossil specimens are a cracking choice to add to your collectable fossils collection. The naturally formed fossils are unique in design and are supplied in two pieces. Choose from medium to large size collectable fossils for maximum visual impact.

Rare fossilised dinosaur skin is extremely fragile and must be handled with care. These collectable fossils are supplied in ricker display boxes. Museum quality replica collectable fossils extend your collection of individual items. Popular options include Mosasaur teeth with preserved enamel and intact tips.

Presentation sets of collectable fossils

Mini collectable fossils that are presented in a display box are a ripper option for young kids who want to be dinosaur fossil hunters. The transparent plastic box contains six fossil specimens from around the world. Each fossil is named for easy identification.

Split pairs of collectable fossils are available in a variety of styles. The sliced and polished ammonites from Madagascar, Africa are genuine high-quality specimens and are supplied in a transparent presentation display box with information card.

Other collectable fossils that are presented in boxes include clusters of fossilised shark's teeth. A mini box contains approximately 15 tiny shark's teeth and a handy pull out card that features information about these popular creatures.

Alternative types of collectable fossils

An alternative way of displaying collectable fossils is on jewellery. Ammonite fossil pendants and necklaces are available in a selection of styles. The sliced and polished fossil shows off the crystal filled internal chambers and is trimmed in sterling silver.