Collectable Fountain Pens

Collectable Fountain Pens

When you tired of a ballpoint, other collectable pens and writing items with superior craftsmanship have developed a cult following by writing enthusiasts. With ballpoint pen production exceeding fountain pens due to their ease in maintenance and low cost, fountain pens remain in circulation for how they feel when writing and can often be seen as a status symbol.


One of the major differences between a fountain pen and a ballpoint is the nib. The nib is the instrument through which the ink dispenses. Like ballpoint pens, Fountain Pens have different degrees of sharpness. You can create wider lines with certain nibs, while fine lines are easy to make with others. Manufacturers make nibs from many materials, including gold and stainless steel, but the tip of the nib should come from a stronger metal, like tungsten.

Cartridges and Filling Mechanisms

Most modern fountain pens use ink in a cartridge that is easy to change when it runs dry. Others require filling mechanisms, like a syringe or eyedropper to fill. These manual fountain pens create an internal suction so that ink can feed through the nib properly.


Manufacturers make these pens from often precious and valuable materials. Ornate designs, jewels, valuable metals, and hand craftsmanship all contribute to the aesthetic and value of these writing instruments. People know some companies for creating high-end fountain pens, like Montblanc, Visconti, and Sheaffer. Antique pens also hold value to fountain pen collectors, for their cultural significance and the beauty in their design. For enthusiasts who wish to try other old fashioned designs can also look into quill pens, a writing implement thats even older than fountain pens.


Still, people take note of other pens their quality. A consistent, smooth line is very important in a fountain pen. Proponents of fountain pens argue that they are easier to write with than ballpoint pens, which are often aggravating to people with arthritis.