Collectable Hammers

Drop the hammer on a winning bid

Antique and vintage collectable hammers can be displayed in an unusual decorative collection, or used to enhance your DIY toolkit.

Industrial collectable hammers

Vintage railway collectable hammers boast a distressed and aged appearance that adds to their appeal as a collectable tool. The 2lb blacksmiths hammers typically have a solid wooden handle and a stamped Cyclone. Blacksmiths 3lb rounding hammers are also available.

No tool collection would be complete without a vintage Thor style collectable hammer. The solid wooden handle has a barrel-shaped head that features a copped end and a rawhide end.

Delicate work

Vintage collectable hammers that were once used for jewellery making and metalwork are available in a wide range of different styles and sizes. The Brades collectable hammers are typically supplied in a trio that includes a ball pein, a cross pein and a jewellery hammer. Many collectable hammers have been fitted with new handles.

Antique collectable hammers that were used by cobblers typically have a slim shape and a balanced design. The slender head measures 20.5cms in length, and the overall hammer length is 31.5cms. Miniature collectable hammers are cracking replicas of the traditional woodworking claw hammers. The mini antique tools are supplied in a pair.

Other vintage collectable hammers include rabbit trap setter hoe hammers that have a distinctive flat head design, and heavy-duty hickory handled Sykes Pickavant panel beaters. Individual hammerheads are available separately, in pairs, and in sets.

International collectable hammers

Japanese collectable hammers are available in a variety of designs and sizes. The genuine carpenters collectable hammer is lightweight and adjustable and features hexagonal hammer faces. This is a popular hammer to use for light chisel work.

Medium to heavier weight Japanese collectable hammers are available in two pieces, with the head or handle blank supplied separately, or as a complete traditional tool. The round head Genno Plane Kanna adjustable hammer is a popular tool to add to your collection.