Buy Collectible Woodworking Planes on eBay

Whether you are a woodworking professional or amateur enthusiast, the condition, rarity, and desirability of vintage hand planes are all factors to consider when making your next purchase. With a growing interest in vintage hand planes for sale, the marketplace for both buyers and sellers is continually expanding on eBay. With a nudge in the right direction, you should be able to find the next perfect piece for your unique collection at an affordable price.

Brands you should look for when purchasing vintage wood planes

Looking for your next antique wood planer or antique hand planer should be an adventure, a fun exploration to undertake. Knowing the historical brand names that existed in days past will improve your overall search results for sourcing your next vintage wood planer. Take a look at the short list ahead to assist you in your personal search on eBay.

  • Stanley
  • Victor
  • Chelor
  • Nicholson

Remember, this is just a short list and does not cover all the unique, one-of-a-kind, and off brands of old wood planes that may have existed. Many brands and makers of collectible woodworking planes can date back to the 1700s and 1800s and may be more difficult to identify and price.

What should you look for when purchasing antique wood planes for sale?

Always consider the brand name, overall condition, and the type of materials used to create a collectible woodworking plane; especially the materials and condition of the tool for any vintage wood plane that is well-aged. Often the type of wood used, and any embellishments or inlay work created with precious metals will demand a higher, more stable collector's value over time. Your personal choice will always depend on your own wants, needs, or intended use, though.

Should you purchase a large lot or a single vintage wood plane for your collection?

When buying any vintage wood planer for your new or existing bench, it helps to narrow down your search for selecting the collectible antique hand planer that best fits your personal taste. For example, some used hand planers may need to be repaired before use, while others will be ready for action.

Finding a group of similar vintage hand planers within one eBay auction lot may allow you the ability to use different parts and pieces to create a single hand planer of higher quality and value. Auction lots are often priced at discounts, as well, allowing you to own a modest stock of similar vintage hand planes.