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Collectable Home Brews & Kegs

Home Brews and Kegs

For those with a passion for beer, the notion of making your own home brew can be quite exciting. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned pro, there’s so many different types of equipment for home brews and kegs that working out what you need to begin can be tricky. Still, for anyone that enjoys Breweriana and beer collectables, it’s hard to escape the lure of trying it yourself.

Home Brew Apparatus Components

When it comes to making home brew, having the right equipment and apparatus is important. As a process with a number of distinct stages, it stands to reason that you need different equipment for each. While basic setups use different vessels to go from staring with hot water all the way up to just before the fermentation process, there are home brew kits that can be done all in one vessel. Other important components include a fermentation bucket, gas cylinder and gas regulators.

Brewing Ingredients

Since home brew involves making beer from scratch, you’re going to need the essential brewing ingredients. Barley, hops, yeast and water all play crucial roles in the brewing of beer and their quality can go along way to determining the taste of your home brew. Additives and enhancers like malt extract and brewing sugars alter the body, texture and flavour of your home brew.

Brewing Spirits

Although the art of home brew is most closely associated with beer, it’s not the only alcoholic drink that can be brewed at home. With a beginners kit or still, you can craft your very own liquors and spirits like whiskey or vodka, tailoring their flavour with flavoured essences.

Creating a Home Bar

For beer and wine enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like having your own home bar to enjoy them in. Serving your beer from a keg tastes and feels far more authentic, not to mention drinking out of collectable beer steins and drinkware can really bolster the experience.