Collectable Inkwells & Ink Pots

Collectable inkwells & ink pots on eBay

Those who love collectable inkwells and ink pots know that these precious items do a lot more than hold ink; they tell stories. Collectable pens and writing items are a popular choice for collections because they offer and a huge variety and lots of charm. They can add an antique element to a study or office, or they can be displayed along with collectable pens as intriguing conversation pieces. With a rich history and wide range, collectable inkwells & ink pots are perfect for the veteran collector or novice investor.

The history of collectable inkwells & ink pots

Inkwells & ink pots have been a part of human history for decades, and their rise and demise depict the story of our past. In the 16th century we saw hired hands that would use the inkwell to handle the aristocrats’ correspondence. The seventeenth century saw the introduction of the travelling well, which became necessary for most literate people. In the 18th century, many changes came to the ink pot, including the popular trend of having a nearby bell for notifying staff when letters were ready to be posted. While the inkwell was already beginning its demise in the 19th century, its fate was sealed with the invention of the ballpoint pen in 1939.

Types of collectable inkwells & ink pots on eBay

Because inkwells & ink pots have been around for centuries, collectors can find a huge range of styles, ages, and varieties on eBay. Some of the earliest collectable inkwells & ink pots date back to the 1800s. Victorian inkwells can be found in stunning sterling silver with breathtaking intricacies. Beautiful brass inkwells & ink pots can be found from the 1900s with carved lids and a vintage appearance.

You can also find contemporary collectable inkwells & ink pots that can still be used for a range of activities. Use contemporary ink pots for calligraphy and drawing for beautiful, rich hues.

Explore eBay now to find the perfect new addition to your inkwell & ink pots collection.