Collectable Japanese Swords & Sabres

Some collect stamps; others collect coins. A true aficionado of rare objects, however, will collect authentic samurai swords. The Samurai sword has never looked so appealing since being expertly wielded by yellow jumpsuit-wearing Uma Thurmans assassin character in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

These ancient Japanese swords are a coveted item as a decorative centerpiece to a home or workplace. When you want to enhance your living space with a genuine sword that represents the unmatched bravery of the Samurai warriors, then you need to invest in a Samurai sword.

Types of Samurai swords

There are many different types of Samurai swords, which include the chokutu, kodachi, tachi, katana, odachi, wakizashi and uchigatana. They all had their own qualities and were used in different duels.

Whats so special about a Samurai sword?

The swords are made of superior-quality steel that is over and over again heated, hammered, and folded. This repetition is due to a number of reasons: for one, it ensures that all air bubbles are removed during heating – not doing so weakens the sword. Another reason for the repetition is that it adds layers to the surface of the sword, thus increasing its strength.

Then, the sword is cooled. Due to its delicate nature, the heated sword cannot be plunged into cool water immediately as it would make the blade brittle. Alternatively, if the blade is cooled slowly, it becomes blunt. Therefore, a thin layer of clay, ash, and water is applied on the cutting edge of the blade. The other side gets the same layer, but much thicker. The end result is a sturdy and shatter-proof sword.

What you need to know before buying a Samurai sword

It is important to note that Samurai swords are classified as dangerous weapons, and to have ownership would mean to have the proper licences, permits or memberships required in order to legally obtain one in Australia.

When you want a collectible sword or sabre to impress your guests, look no further than eBay. Shop online today and enjoy quality antique Chinese swords and Samurai swords.