Connect With the Past With Collectable Linen

If you imagine linen clothing, you’ll likely associate it with warmer temperatures and its common to see on tropical beaches because it's so breathable and absorbent. It's for this reason that it’s also popular around the home, and it is common to find in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. When you’re shopping for collectable linen online, you’ll find an array of options on eBay.

Types of linen to watch for

With collectable linen, keep in mind there are four main types you’ll come across.

Plain woven linen is made from raw linen yarn and it’s generally starched to prevent creasing. It is common for towels, including dish towels and hand towels. It is durable, making it ideal for linens that are used frequently.

Loosely woven linen is the most common type and you’ll see it used in reusable cloth nappies and sanitary towels. It can absorb water quickly and is constructed with fibrillated yarn, which means that each strand of yarn has a different length. As the fabric is stretched, these strands move across one another, making it durable. It’s also light and breathable.

Damask linen is available in a variety of patterns and is a formal fabric used for tablecloths, napkins, curtains, or to cover your couch. Usually, the threads are dyed over a white background. This fabric is dense and highly durable. Belgian Damask and Italian Damask are two popular types.

The fourth type is sheeting linen which is commonly used for your bed sheets, pillow cases, doona covers, and so on. It’s strong and long-lasting and is created from the flax plant's bark. It’s also common in clothing and mattress production.

What makes it collectable?

Most of the pieces you find here will be older or unique, hence collectable. There are vintage linen doilies and hand embroidered tablecloths, retro screen prints and funky floral curtains. Browsing through the range and buying online is a great way to bring a little part of linen history into your home.