Collectable Matchboxes

Strike up conversation with a new collectible matchbox for your collection

Collectible matchboxes are a cracking display option for keen phillumenists. To enhance your collection, check out the wide selection of matchboxes and accessories that are available on right here on eBay.

Different vintage & retro types of collectible matchboxes

Vintage collectible matchboxes are available in a wide variety of unusual, exotic, and original designs. If youre just starting off a collection, opt for a bulk selection. Original 1960s and 1970s models and advertising matchboxes are typically supplied in packs of 100pcs. These extensive packs feature matchboxes from all over the world.

Pristine condition matchboxes that are supplied singularly are available in a choice of vintage, retro, and modern designs. Popular models include covers that feature commemorative designs, planes, trains, or automobiles, windmills, and classic cigarette advertising.

Matchboxes that are supplied in multi-packs are available in a range of branded styles. Original Redhead matchboxes are limited edition packs that feature tricks and puzzles on the reverse of each matchbox.

Match safe holders for your matchboxes are available in a range of classic vintage and retro styles. Popular designs feature amusing comic book illustrations on the cover. The mini book shaped matchbox holders are designed to slip over your collectibles to keep them in pristine condition.

For a truly striking design, go for a Federal Safety matchbox, featuring the Canberra coat of arms.

Rare & unique matchboxes

Rare, vintage collectible matchboxes from the 1950s include illustrated designs of Spanish matadors and bullfighting. Novelty matchboxes include 3D designs featuring bikini-clad girls. The cheeky on/off tilting covers are made in Japan.

Collectible matchboxes featuring famous artists are rare. The Lautrec boxed set of matchboxes features 12 individual boxes each embellished with distinctive artwork designs. Sets of rare collectible matchbox labels are an alternative decorative option for your collection. Choose from complete sets of 64pcs featuring birds and animals, and other popular designs.