Collectable Mechanics' Tools

Whether you're using them as tools for current mechanical projects, or you're in search of collectable tools to display or hang on a wall, there are many collectable mechanics' tools still in circulation after years of heavy use. From vintage sockets and wrenches, perfect for any present-day DIY job, or a pair of needle-nose pliers that are decades old, you're sure to find a few wonderful additions either to your tool box or for your display case.

Sockets and Wrenches

When it comes to collectable tools, hardware and locks, sockets and old wrenches are certainly some of the most popular items. Some mechanics and other tool users simply like using older tools because they're made stronger, better and are more durable. It's tough to argue with that, with so many older wrenches and sockets are still in circulation. Look for complete wrench and socket sets that were made in Germany decades before, many with their original tool case, or wrenches and wrench shifters that are viable for any job, from plumbing to auto work. You may also find many unusually-sized sockets, should you need a special one to complete a set or a particular job.

Collectable Pliers

Pliers are also a very common and popular tool collectable. Many of these vintage pliers are also made in Germany, similar to wrenches and sockets. Popular German-made vintage tool companies include Whitworth and Stahlwille, so if you're looking for particular tools for display purposes, these are several well-known manufacturers. Needle-nose pliers are perfect for everyday jewellery work and small projects, and many of these vintage items are NOS (new old stock), meaning that they're perfect for present-day use and repair.

Hammers and Hand Tools

While hammers are not a common mechanics tool, there are some vintage engineering hammers used for CNC and lathe work. These tools may be more suited for your display case or for your wall as definite conversation piece. Also made in Germany by companies such as Zeigler, pair vintage hammers and lathe tools along with collectable axes and hatchets on the wall of your garage, workshop or finished basement.

Tool Boxes

Vintage tool boxes themselves are the perfect accompaniment to store vintage tools in, particularly if you're using those vintage tools for projects. Look for older boxes with features such as tin handles, sliding inserts and a sturdy metal construction. Older tool boxes may have a sleek hammertone finish, as opposed to the red colouring so often used for the construction of tool boxes today.